Our Approach

Our approach is based on best practices in the early years sector. We take our inspiration from a variety of philosophies and methods, which we have blended into a learning and development curriculum that will help your child lay the best possible social, emotional, physical and cognitive foundations.

From heuristic play to sensory exploration and creative activities, Kenwood will provide your child with a rich and varied programme designed to stimulate their young mind and support personal, social and emotional growth, communication, language and physical development.

Helping your child to develop their personal code of conduct is also our ambition, and we place a special emphasis on teaching honesty, fairness, empathy and determination.

Each child is assigned their own key worker, who oversees their personal development and tailors your child’s learning and education to their individual needs. Your child’s key worker will be your day-to-day point of contact at the nursery.


Babies are born ready to learn, and their brains develop through use.

We provide your child with lots of opportunities to explore the world around them through sensory play, physical activities and lots of outdoor time, building confidence as they mature.


At this high energy stage, our curriculum focuses on supporting your child to express themselves, build their independence and develop friendship skills such as sharing and interacting as part of a small group.

When they are ready we introduce ‘self-care’ skills including potty training and independent hand washing.


We’ve designed our curriculum to ensure your child is ready for the big move into primary school.

We focus on widening their vocabulary, reading readiness and development of mathematical thinking employing music, action and ICT to bring phonics and maths to life.

We also support your child in developing key independence skills such as toileting and putting on their own coat and shoes.

We often receive positive feedback from the primary schools the children move onto about how well prepared they are for school life.