From heuristic play to sensory exploration and creative activities, Kenwood Day Nursery will provide your child with a rich and varied programme designed to stimulate their young mind and support personal, social and emotional growth, communication, language and physical development.

“The nursery provides lots of fun and engaging activities for the children which help development and promote independence. Kenwood provides a great start to education.”

Helping your child to develop their personal code of conduct is also our ambition, and we place a special emphasis on teaching honesty, fairness, empathy and determination.

Dedicated carer for your child

Each child is assigned their own key worker, who oversees their personal development and tailors your child’s learning plan to their individual needs. Your child’s key worker will be your main point of contact at the nursery.

Working in close partnership

At Kenwood Day Nursery our door is always open. We actively encourage a partnership approach, where parents and carers work together to achieve the best outcomes for children.

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